MINUTES OF THE ASTON ABBOTTS ANNUAL PARISH MEETING 2012 The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Wednesday 9th May in the Church Room at 8pm. Click here to read the 2011 minutes. Present: Mr Peter Shorrock (Chairman, Parish Council), Mr Bob Carvey (acting secretary), Mr Peter Cooper (District Councillor), Ms Paula Boston (PCSO, North Wing) and 16 parishioners. Minute 1 : Apologies: Mr Richard Clarke, Mr James Perkins, Ms Netta Glover Minute 2 : The Minutes to the meeting held 11th May, 2011 were approved and signed as a true record Minute 3 : There was only one matter arising regarding the status of the "village sign", no one present was able to give information on this and the Chairman said he would pass this on to the appropriate persons. Minute 4 : Councillor Cooper addressed the meeting with a number of updates to local issues affecting Aston Abbotts particularly and the Aylesbury area in general. Aylesbury Vale DC have now relocated to the new Gatehouse Road premises, consolidating from some six locations from the early 2000's thus enabling better communications, accessibility for the public, combined IT systems and public meeting rooms. In the town the Theatre was doing very well and the new Waitrose and hotel builds were progressing, due for opening around December, 2012/early 2013. The proposed new shopping area opposite the theatre along Exchange Street still had negotiations in progress, this re-development it is hoped would bring back shoppers to Aylesbury. Planning - the central government South East Plan which had 26,500 homes designated for the Aylesbury Vale area is now defunct with no new national plan yet in place. The Aylesbury Vale local plan now being worked on by AVDC planners due for publishing 2013-14 is considering approximately 6,500 homes. In addition private developers have lodged plans for further homes, one of which is some 3,700 at Bierton - these private applications create difficulties with the AVDC draft plan.  Action groups within the Vale are concerned about effects on local resources as well as the wider use of arterial routes for transport and the general further deterioration of roads in the area. A question left open from the floor asked why with some 19,000 outstanding approved dwellings on AVDC books and developers requests, why were the AVDC planners looking to build a new plan rather than adopt/adapt what was already in existence? Some discussion ensued about the progress of HS2 and the possible long term effect of pushing development and traffic the AA side of Aylesbury. Rural broadband in North Bucks particularly was known to be bad, a show of hands indicated AA had very mixed reception.  Councillor Cooper said there was some thoughts towards improving the Wing South exchange (618xxx numbers) and that a minimum of 100 people, ideally businesses  needed to indicate the need and potential sign-up.  Up to 20mbs should be achievable if a fibre-optic can be put to the roadside cabinet. Wind Farms - two local pending applications at Rowsham/Wingrave and Wing/Cublington. AVDC are putting together a policy on wind farms. Luton Airport has applied to expand to double passenger traffic and to add a new runway. Bye-Pass - plans have gone quiet for the three previously proposed routes, however planning enquiries show these three routes still to be protected. It is acknowledged that the A418 is poor quality, but nothing is planned. The Chairman thanked Councillor Cooper for his expansive and informative report. PCSO Boston advised that officers at the Wing Station were consolidating from the north/south coverage and then between them jointly cover the full area with response from Aylesbury or Buckingham as available. Overall crime in this area was down 10.8% on the previous year, although burglary of a dwelling was up 20.9% with non-dwelling burglary down 42%. In AA particularly there were 26 reported incidents 2010-11 and on 14 this current year. PCSO Boston reminded people of the need to report non-urgent matters to 101 and retain 999 for the urgent "it is happening now" calls. The Chairman thanked PCSO Boston for her report. Minute 5 : Parish Councils Chairman's Report, Mr Shorrock addressed those present regarding; Aston Abbotts Parish Council had applied for funding to complete the second phase of the footpath to the Wingrave crossroads - which was duly completed in the spring. The Parish Council are looking at how completing the last part may be funded. In the press you will have seen details on how the government is looking to simplify the planning system through the introduction of the Localism Bill - which became law in December, 2011. As part of and to comply with this exercise the Parish Council was required to advise AVDC what the views of the village were with regards to future planning and development - the results of the Autumn village questionnaire were analysed and information sent to AVDC. The village website is now updated - many thanks to Phil Spooner, and Parish Council Minutes are now published on the website and in The Chronicle. AVDC announced that they would no longer provide the twice yearly village skip unless the parish pay for it. The Parish Couincil have decided to do so for this coming year  and will monitor how much use is made of it. Bucks County Council are going to remove the road lights at Wingrave crossroads, but  the Parish Council have agreed to take over and be responsible for the low level lighting by the bus stops on either side of the road and I believe Wingrave will similarly adopt lights on their side. The Parish Council have agreed to contribute a maximum of £900 towards the activities planned to celebrate the Queens Jubilee in June. Minute 6 : James Perkins who has been running the last phase of the Village Plan production has asked me to update the meeting regarding this project. It was planned that a final paper version would be available for viewing this evening but printing has been delayed. The final draft is available this evening if anyone would like to look through it. The printed document will be completed with copies sent to AVDC and BCC to facilitate their decision making in respect of the village and any services and in particular aspects contained with the Localism Act. Strategic copies will be placed around the village. A question was asked from the floor regarding the distribution to each village household - it was agreed to take this question back to Mr Perkins. Minute 7 : Sally Palmer gave an outline of the planned Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, largely based on that just published in The Chronicle.  She asked for a big push for people to attend, saying that so far approaching £400 had been raised by voluntary donations, some 150 having indicated they are likely to attend.  She said that they are very grateful for the offer of marquees and that a team would be needed on the Saturday to help put them up and arrange the Recreation Ground. Plus help on the actual morning to set up tables, the "tea bar" etc. So far expenditure for insurance £50 (via AVDC), singer £300, decorations £240, toilets and a generator had been incurred. Any profits will go to the Fete monies. Minute 8 : Mr Shorrock updated the meeting as to the status of the village acquiring a lease for the Church Room. It was noted that this purchase had now been going on for many years, the latest situation being that of in-action by the church solicitors (Winkworth Sherwood, Oxford) to complete some small changes to the proposed lease and reissue for signature.  From a WS letter dated October, 2011 it seems that the matter could be with the Charity Commission, but no willingness to communicate this would suggest that no action is currently occurring. The Bishiop of Oxford has recently been contacted on this matter. Minute 9 : John Hardcastle report that The Chronicle was in good shape and that Mr Whyte who handles the finances for the Chronicle was similarly pleased and that reserves were held that would allow production for 6-8 months.  A donation from Fete Funds of £500 would be very well received to ensure the sustainability of the Chronicle. Minute 10 : There being no one attending from the Fete Committee to present an annual report, the Chairman moved the meeting on to decide how the previous year's funds should be distributed. A lively debate was had moving between a stance of "same as last year" to a more focused "what we need now" approach.  The final agreement being £500 to The Chronicle, £1000 to the completion of the Wingrave Road footpath fund and the balance to the Church. Minute 11 : AOB - a short update was given on where the Village Plan fits with the soon to be worked on Neighbourhood Plan, this latter document being  the key document that fits with the new Aylesbury Vale planning model being developed for government, the Localism Bill and where Aston Abbotts will be affected. It was noted that it will be towards the end of this year before the Parish Council can progress this as information as details are required back from Ayelsbury Vale post their first submission to government. Mr Copping asked about a donation towards the 2012 fireworks and it was agreed to refer this to the next Parish Council meeting. There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.40pm 
Community - Annual Parish Meeting 2012
Frequently Asked Questions What is an Annual Parish Meeting? All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting between March 1st and June 1st. Is the Parish Meeting the same as a Council meeting? No. Although a Parish meeting is convened, chaired and minuted by the Parish Council, it is a meeting of registered electors from the Parish and it is not a Parish Council meeting. What is the purpose of the Annual Parish Meeting? The purpose is to enable the registered electors to discuss parish affairs and to pass resolutions thereon. This meeting is also an opportunity for the Parish Council (and often the District and County Councils) and other community group leaders to explain their activities over the last year. Who can attend the meeting? Anyone may attend, whether they live in the Parish or not, but only registered electors in the parish may speak and/or vote. Can anybody ask questions and make resolutions? Any registered elector may ask questions of the Council. These will usually be answered by the chairman or by the Parish Clerk or a designated Councillor. An elector may also make suggestions and comment on parish issues and propose resolutions. Resolutions are not legally binding, but will be considered by the Parish Council at their normal meetings. Who will chair the meeting? The Chairman of the Parish Council must chair the meeting, if present. In his absence the vice chairman must preside if present. If neither is able to attend, then the meeting will elect a chairman from those electors present. Will Parish Councillors be there? Councillors normally attend and they will speak if required, but the purpose of the meeting is to enable ordinary electors to have their say. Councillors are electors themselves, so they also have the opportunity to raise questions and make comments if they wish.