Community News March 2012
Cheaper Heating Oil.  This scheme is available to individuals, commercial users and groups of individuals, all are eligible to join the scheme. In January 2012, Community Impact Bucks achieved a price of 56.45p per litre. See the AA website here or call 0845 3890389 for more information. Health and Well Being.  Buckinghamshire residents will soon be asked for their thoughts on plans to improve their health and well- being. In January the newly formed Shadow Health & Wellbeing Board (SHWB) will put their strategy out for public consultation. The consultation will start towards the end of January and continue to the end of March. It will be available online through the Council's website or by email to or The Natural Environment, is an initiative with a White paper published last June recognising that partnership working is the best way to achieve effective action for the natural environment  set out in the Government's vision for Local Nature Partnerships. The idea being to bring together a diverse group of individuals, business, societies to create a local plan. If you are interested in finding out more then go to this link Trading Standards' scam emails warning - Incidents of scam emails being sent from hacked email accounts is on the rise, says Buckinghamshire's Trading Standards team, who are reminding members of the public to be aware. The fake emails, which look like they have been sent from the genuine email address of a friend or a family member, are sent to all addresses in the address book of the hacked email account. The email will usually contain a request for financial help. Links to all the above and many more initiatives for Buckinghamshire can be found on the AA Website ~ Bob Carvey