Community News November 2012
Broadband - a straw poll of Aston Abbotts shows that broadband speeds in the village vary wildly, with neighbours getting very different speeds from fairly fast and able to watch BBC IPlayer to almost dial-up!! Well not that it helps any, the problem is common in particularly rural North Bucks. There is quite a lot of work going on to get this changed, there is government money available and contracts are being issued to get improvements in place. The trick is to get Aston Abbotts included in the early stages and this may be possible if everyone registers their interest. Apparently there is some potential opportunity at the Wing exchange for those on 681xxx numbers. In Wingrave with Rowsham the PC put a "Flier" in the Parish Magazine for people to sign-up, also they  used the Village E-mail "Postie", where we have sent out two call notices to the Sign-up" links on the Superfast Broadband Website. In the Parish they have had over 150 sign-ups, mostly from home users who want a reliable broadband service. But getting business interest is also important, possibly more so. HP22 has 350 registrations. Go to and complete the very short process to register your interest.  If you are unable to complete this task, but would still like to participate then drop me a note at 12 The Green and I will let you have a manual submission form. Heating Oil - if you use, or know someone that uses heating oil it is well worth looking at the scheme Community Impact Bucks is running for Buckinghamshire residents and businesses, it is one of 21 counties running this scheme - 58p per litre last month!! Go to with-commu-bulk-oil-buying-scheme-159.html  or call 0845 3890389. Rural areas have fewer police officers per head of population than urban areas, it has emerged - Details of police numbers were obtained by the Countryside Alliance. It published the figures ahead of the first ever Police & Crime Commissioner Elections on 15 November. On average, rural areas within police forces in England and Wales have fewer police officers, police community support officers (PCSOs), and special officers per head of population, it found. There was one police officer for 1,037 people in rural areas in 2011-2012, compared to 581 people in urban areas. Similarly, In 2011-2012, there was one police community support officer (PCSO) for 4,794 people in rural areas compared to 3,530 people in urban areas. Wing North and South was recently combined and has an inspector, a sergeant, three PCs and 5 PCSOs covering a huge area - the inspector and sergeant also cover the three Buckingham areas. AA is in Wing North. Unfortunately I have received no response as yet for the same specific statistics for our area. Funding for LEPs (Local Enterprise Partnerships) - are a system where local business and the local councils work together - the Bucks LEP is at The government has announced an additional £24 million funding package for LEPs. An interim £5 million funding package will be made available immediately for all LEPs to draw upon for the remainder of this financial year. This will be followed by up to £250,000 per LEP per year for the following two years. ~ Bob Carvey