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In the late Sixties and 1970s Aston Abbotts faced perhaps the greatest threat to its survival as a village community. In 1969 a commission of inquiry headed by Mr Justice Roskill reported to the government that it had identified three potential sites for the building of London's third airport. To the horror of local villagers one of these sites was Cublington (Wing). The border of the proposed airport site would have come within less than a mile of Aston Abbotts. Other local villages such as Cublington, Dunton and Stewkley would have been demolished. It is impossible to under estimate the devastation that such a development would have bought to the area, as local roads and infrastructure would have been vastly over-developed in order to support the new airport. Just prior to the publication of the report a newspaper leaked the potential sites. Two local farmers Bill Manning and Peter Warren founded the Wing Airport Resistance Association (WARA). A huge public campaign of protest was mounted, yet when the final recommendation became known it was… Cublington (Wing)! Undeterred, WARA stepped up its campaign. Rallies were held, motorcades toured local villages and beacons were lit across the affected area. Finally in April 1971 the government announced its choice. It chose Foulness and in the end the airport was never built. Villagers celebrated. Had it not been for the efforts of the WARA and the local populace, the village of Aston Abbotts would probably not be here today.
History - London’s Third Airport
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