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It is with some sadness that I write this note regarding the Ladies Club who met once a month in the Village Hall in Aston Abbotts on a Thursday afternoon. We have, regretfully, come to the decision to close the club down. Times have changed since the club was first formed well over 80 years ago. Mothers were at home with the children all day and the club was a welcome chance to catch up with friends and neighbours. Nowadays there are clubs in both villages that meet in the evenings and, as many of the younger wives and mothers are working in the daytime, that suits them better. There have been some amazing speakers over the years. Some have enthralled us with tales of their adventures and countries they have visited and others have been very entertaining and hilariously funny. One afternoon that stands out was when a retired Royal Butler came and told us so much about his time with the Royal Family working both at Buckingham Palace and on the Royal Yacht. We have had outings each year to some wonderful places and our Spring Lunch was always something to look forward to. Our Christmas Carol service which was followed by a delicious afternoon tea, prepared by the ladies from each village in turn, was a highlight. We had a small balance in the bank which, at our final get together, we agreed should be donated to Age UK. I have received a lovely thank you card from Cathy Cassidy who is the manager of The Age UK shop in Leighton Buzzard. She expressed her sadness at our Club closing but appreciated Age UK benefitting from our leftover funds. Fortunately living in small villages we are all able to keep in touch and will no doubt be bumping into each other quite regularly. April Curnow Treasurer.
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The Ladies Club was established in Aston Abbotts for well over 75 years, holding regular meetings and welcoming many interesting guest speakers. Sadly, in October 2021 dwindling membership forced the decision to close the Club. The treasurer, April Curnow, made the following announcement: