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Aston Abbotts and the surrounding countryside is a civil parish, and as such has a parish council - which is the lowest tier of local government. The council is an elected body, but where the number of candidates for the council is the same as, or fewer than, the number of vacancies, there is no election. If a vacancy occurs, the parish council has a duty to co-opt someone to fill the vacancy. A parish councillor's term lasts for 4 years, and the council is elected en bloc. The number of councillors must not be less than 5, and currently stands at 7. Aston Abbotts Parish Council is empowered to raise money for its activities through a tax, called a precept, on the village residents, which is collected on its behalf by Aylesbury District Council. The council cannot spend money except on projects or actions for which it has statutory power, but does have power to provide some facilities itself, which it has done - including a recreation ground, a children's play area - and also pays for lighting roads and footpaths. It is also invited by the District Council to comment on applications for planning consent in its area. All parish council meetings are public, and are advertised in advance so that members of the public can attend if wished. The chairman will normally allow members of the public to address the meeting for a brief period at the beginning of each council meeting, if they want to do so. Comments made by members of the public at this time do not form part of the formal meeting and will not be minuted. Should a member of the public wish the Parish Council to discuss a specific matter they must make a request to any Parish Councillor. This must be done at least five days prior to the meeting to comply with the notification procedure. For a full list of Councillors and their responsibilities please click here. Click here to see Parish Council documents