The Ladies Club has been established for 75 years in this village and still continues but with a much reduced membership. It all began with ladies getting together for an afternoon with their young children and gradually, as the children all got older and went to school, it became more formal with people being elected to organise activities and speakers. Many people have been in the club for 40 to 50 years but still love to come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. The club has always met fortnightly from September round to July in the Village Hall but because of reduced membership and the high cost of speakers' fees it has recently been agreed that the meetings will be once a month. The dates of the meetings for this year will be advertised in the village magazine as they have always been and we will try to give as much detail as possible. We would love to recruit new members and if you feel you would like to just pop in to one of our meetings at 2.30pm on the advertised dates to see if you think you would enjoy them you would be most welcome. Our membership fee is £10 for the year and we ask for £1 at each meeting which covers your afternoon tea and a raffle ticket. If you would just like to come as a visitor then we ask that you pay £2. We have many talks that the chaps might like as well so please encourage your menfolk to come when you think it's appropriate. Please look in your village magazine The Chronicle to see if any of our talks interest you and come along to join us. You will be made most welcome and we look forward to seeing you. If you need further information please contact me. April
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