News - About The Chronicle
The first issue of the Aston Abbotts parish magazine - The Chronicle - appeared in September 1983. Its first editor was Graham Parker, who felt “the principle reason for the dubious honour is probably that I was not at the meeting when the position was discussed”. Since then there have been over 350 issues and it has remained a popular publication with villagers. The Chronicle has always striven to fulfil a number or roles: chronicling village life as it happens in this little corner of England, making people aware of forthcoming events and other important information, and seeking to entertain its readers. Around 200 copies are printed of each issue and these are delivered free of charge to every household in Aston Abbotts - also to local Doctor's surgeries, libraries and Wing police house. This free distribution is made possible by the support of our advertisers, a contribution from the village fête proceeds (decided at the Annual Parish Meeting), and fund raising activities. It has always been, and will always remain, a firm principle that distribution is free to village residents. Popular regular features are supplemented by local restaurant reviews, contributions from villagers, jokes, humorous articles and special features. In 2015 the then editor Phil Corrigan improved the magazine by introducing colour front and back pages and changing to an A5 format.
Chronicle Editors
1983-1989 Graham Parker 1989-1994 Caroline Lane and Gordon Smith 1994-1995 Rota system with ‘guest’ editors Chris and Bridget Brandon, Simon and Helen Dowling, David de Silva and Barbara Bellingham, Deirdre Whyte, Andy Bystra, Gordon Kemp and Ann Goodman, Janet Biddle, Margaret Chesher, Margaret Kent , Jeremy Bale, and Caroline Lane 1995-1998 Andy Bystra 1998-2000 Andi Swain 2001-2005 Phil Spooner 2006-2009 John Hardcastle 2010 Janice Issitt 2011-2014 John Hardcastle 2015-2016 Phil Corrigan 2016- … Pete Lucas