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The text and photos on this website are copyright of Phil Spooner unless acknowledged otherwise. The photo of Vic and Christine on the Village Fete page was probably taken by Ivan Greenaway. Some of the historical pictures are in the public domain or are of unknown origin. A few bits of clip-art are copyright Microsoft from their Office Gallery or copyright Xara/Magix and are used under license. Thanks to Andy Bystra (630 Club), April Curnow (Ladies Club), Carol Spooner (GNOMES), Gordon Smith, Peter Kent and various others for their contributions. The primary reference for the History pages was the Aston Abbotts history book: 'Aston Abbotts 1000-2000, A Village History', ISBN-10 : 0953749606. The hard work of their researchers and contributors is gratefully acknowledged here. If I should have inadvertently omitted an attribution for any contribution to this website then please contact us for rectification.
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Every effort is made to ensure that the information present here is accurate and up to date, but no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. If you spot a mistake or have a query then please contact us. Thank you.