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There are number of footpaths and bridleways around Aston Abbotts. All of these pass through countryside with some lovely views in places. Please remember that these are all on private land so there is no ‘right to roam’. Please keep to the paths and shut gates behind you. There may be livestock in some of the fields, so please keep dogs under control. There is a map of the paths and bridleways located here. This is an external site and we are not responsible for its content. It is a pay site, but the basic map is viewable for free. It will open in a new tab or window. These are the main footpaths: A footpath going north, found just to the north of New Masters house on the outskirts of the main village, goes about 1.5 miles across fields to the village of Cublington, emerging conveniently close to The Unicorn pub where you can refresh yourself before the walk back (check The Unicorn opening times). The footpath at the end of Chapman’s Lea runs north-east and joins the A418 a little south-east of Wing. The map linked above shows that you can avoid the A413 section by turning north part way, or do a rectangular walk that emerges onto the Cublington Road north of the village. A path to the west from behind the Abbey crosses The Grove and The Cricket Field (sometimes called Abbey Fields) and over towards the chicken farm where it diverges. The more northern path here takes you through a small copse (Freemason’s Wood ) and the more southerly leg diverges again to take you to either Hardwick or Whitchurch. Going south out of the recreation ground take you to the A413 in Rowsham. From here you can cross the road and follow a path to Wingrave, finally taking the road back to Aston Abbotts. There is a Bridal path that runs north up Norduck Barn Lane, past Abbots View Farm. Keeping to the bridal path you go down to the Whitchurch Road and turning right brings you up to Cublington via the road and from there you can return across the fields to Aston Abbotts. Any problems with access of lack of waymarking can be reported here.
Our Village - Footpaths and Bridleways
View of Aylesbury from Aston Abbotts
When in the countryside please follow the Country Code Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work Guard against all risk of fire Fasten all gates Keep your dogs under close control Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls Leave livestock. crops and machinery alone Take your litter home Help to keep all water clean Protect wildlife, plants and trees Take special care on country roads Make no unnecessary noise LEAVE ONLY YOUR FOOTPRINTS TAKE ONLY PHOTOGRAPHS