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Community - Bingo
Village Fete in Aston Abbotts
For those new to the village or those who perhaps have a stereotypical view of bingo, here is an insight into the background of Good Samaritans Bingo in Aston Abbotts. Regular Good Samaritans Bingo sessions have been held in the village for 60+ years, starting in the 1950s by Frank and Josie Humphreys. Since then Len and Doris Scutchings and Colin Higgs have all had a turn at being organisers. Sheila Humphreys and Pam Dixon have been organising Good Samaritans Bingo since 2007 with assistance from callers Percy Pollard and Venita Dixon. The fundamental aim of raising money for charity has remained the same and will continue as long as they continue to get sufficient support for events. Many charities, large and small, have benefited over the years. They have all been selected by those who come to play bingo and usually because they are causes close to their own hearts for one reason or another. Here is a selection that have received donations in recent years:
Bingo has experienced something of a revival in recent years and is a game of FUN for all ages, children included, not just those of a certain age! Winners receive cash prizes for the main bingo games and all players receive one complimentary free game. A variety of alternative prize games will be introduced and don't forget the raffle and refreshments of course. They are a very friendly, light-hearted, welcoming bunch and enjoy the social gathering. Many thanks go to all their loyal regulars (particularly those from outside the village) and also to all those who make prize donations. So why not give Bingo a try? Look in the Aston Abbotts Chronicle magazine for dates or contact Pam below. All newcomers will be warmly welcomed.
Contact Pam Dixon on 681626 for further details or to donate a prize