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Some of the people who live in Aston Abbotts seem to feel that their village is a little bit special. Perhaps most people feel that the place where they live is special, but some Aston Abbotts residents are quite passionate about their village. At first it’s difficult to put your finger on just what makes them feel so. Aston Abbotts is a pretty village, but you'd have to admit that it's not the prettiest village in England, not even the prettiest village in Bucks. The countryside is very nice, but not spectacular. The location is good, perhaps not the best placed for some purposes, but good for most people. So just what is it that makes some people love the village so much and makes them feel that is just that little bit special? Perhaps the best thing that can happen to an to Aston Abbotts newcomer is to discover the spirit of friendliness and inclusiveness within the village. New people are always welcome, whether they wish to join in with village activities or not. Older residents who were brought up and schooled in Aston Abbotts mix with the new ‘immigrants’ during these activities, and those activities themselves are an indication of the strong social structure and sense of community. So maybe this is why Aston Abbotts is seen as a special place by many of its residents Perhaps it is this spirit of openness and friendliness that makes some people love the village so much?
So What’s So Special?
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