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The Bull Monty Inspired by the film of similar name the Bull Monty was a hugely successful fund-raising event that took place in the rear bar of The Bull and Butcher pub (sadly now closed and a block of flats). This was the brainchild of Ray Wilkinson, who blagged, blarnied and bullied a hapless half dozen male villagers into removing their clothes in front of a screaming horde of village women. The challenge was taken up enthusiastically by the 630 Club, resulting in a night that few who were there will ever forget. This tape of the event was filmed by Neil Chesher.
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Trevor Hall’s video of the 2017 Tour of Britain cycle race coming through Aston Abbotts (link to YouTube). Saturday 9th September 2017 saw Stage 7 of the Tour of Britain cycle race come through Aston Abbotts. The stage was from Hemel Hempstead to Cheltenham and came through Aston Abbotts about an hour after the start. It was broadcast live on ITV4 but... This video shows the whole event passing though Aston Abbotts from a spectators viewpoint. It’s long but it shows just how much organisation and how many people are involved in such an event. Unfortunately, there was one thing that this video missed. The filming stopped as the last of the support vehicles passed by. The first person to travel along the road about a minute later was not in a car or other vehicle – it was a loan cyclist slowly pedalling along on what was probably his weekend exercise. What made it special was that, as he passed by, the cheers he received appeared louder than for those who were in the race!