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Published Month Notable Articles/Covers October 1983 Election of Church Room Management Committee August 1984 Best Kept Village Award January 1985 Start of a series on The Rothschilds May 1985 Start of the series 'The Estone Chronicles' July 1985 Edwardian Cricket March 1986 First Sketch by Andy Bystra on the cover October 1986 Peter Knight wins Bucks Farming and Wildlife competition October 1986 Aston Abbotts Profile (from the Aylesbury Plus along with it's inaccuracies!) December 1986 The Early Days of Motoring May 1987 Aston Abbotts Chapel 125th Anniversary March 1988 Plane Lunacy - Article on Third London Airport Plan (inc. map) September 1988 The Battles of Biker Bootsie October 1988 True Blue Tory Bikers January 1989 Housing and Green Belt Plan February 1989 Go-ahead for Gas July 1989 James Clark Ross - Most Handsome Man in the Navy September 1989 Low Cost Housing Scheme October 1989 The Abbey is Sold December 1989 Hunt Saboteurs Arrest Drama December 1989 Abbey Treasures Auction Fetches £1.5m July 1990 Festival map cover December 1990 Village power struggle over Church Room March 1991 Bull and Butcher Sold - Landlords forced to move April 1992 100th Issue May 1992 A418(M) Trunk Road July 1992 18th Century Aston Abbotts September 1992 Bus Shelter Refurbishment November 1992 13th Century Village Justice October 1993 A418 Trunk Road Village Meeting November 1994 Microlight Airfield May 1995 Aston Abbotts Cricket Team June 1995 HMS Erebus and Terror October 1995 POW Camp 268 October 1995 A walk through Aston Abbotts (Andy Bystra's Chronicle covers) September 1996 The Old School mid 50's (Miss Childerley) November 1996 The start of 'The Back Page' December 1997 Ladies Club 50th Anniversary February 1998 First of a four part series on local Railways and Tramways September 1998 National Recognition for Vic and Christine Scott December 1998 Minutes of the First 'Millennium Committee' Meeting June 1999 Peter Cooper Elected as District Councillor October 1999 Alpaca Arrival January 2000 Publication of 'Aston Abbotts 1000-2000, A Village History' February 2000 New Plans for the Church Room March 2000 Start of The Village Interview Series (Andy Bystra) April 2000 The Village Interview (Colin Higgs) May 2000 The Village Interview (Lol Hinds) June 2000 The Village Interview (Shirley Ford) July 2000 The Village Interview (Margaret Kent) July 2000 The First 'Astonbury' (aka Midsummer Madness) September 2000 The Village Interview (Liz and Patrick Clarke) October 2000 The Village Interview (Bernard Osborne) November 2000 The Village Interview (Vic Scott Part 1) December 2000 The Village Interview (Vic Scott Part 2) January 2001 The Village Interview (Andi Swain) March 2001 The Village Interview (Juan Gutierrez) March 2001 Your Church Room Vote April 2001 200 Issues of The Chronicle December 2001 The first of the Mohicans (Ivan on the cover!) January 2002 Planning Application to Redevelop the Bull and Butcher April 2002 The Bull and Butcher Roundabout June 2002 Aston Abbotts Jubilee Celebrations - for Queen Victoria July 2002 Megga Pong - Ross Rd Sewer Excavation (the prequel to 'The Hole', Feb-Apr 2021) September 2002 Luton Airport Flight Path Campaign October 2002 Alf Parker - 90 years in Aston Abbotts January 2003 Planning approval for Bull and Butcher Redevelopment January 2003 The Old Masters closes April 2003 Bull and Butcher Closes and Villagers' Memories May 2003 Carol Vorderman's Bottom (by Mike Wenble) January 2004 The Village Hall Debate February 2004 The Gnomes and THAT picture November 2004 Preparations Start for 2005 60th Anniversary of VE Day December 2004 The Story of Wingrave Crossroads Bus Shelter January 2005 The Czechoslovaks at Aston Abbotts January 2005 Miss Aston Abbotts 2004 March 2005 Chicken Farm Proposal April 2005 Village Shop to Close (see May 2005 for photographs) May 2005 President Benes in Aston Abbotts 1944 June 2005 Photographs and Article for the First Weekend of the Czech VE Day Memorial Celebration September 2005 Photographs and Article for the Second Weekend of the Czech VE Day Memorial Celebration December 2005 Phil Spooner Steps Aside as Editor May 2007 Evidence of Saxon Habitation June 2007 Spitfire Flypast November 2007 Aston Abbotts in Earlier Times March 2008 Uproar in Wing over the A418 November 2008 Remembering the Fallen of World War 1 March 2009 The Back Page - The End (not) September 2009 Downpour at the Royal Garden Party with Colin Higgs September 2009 Astonbury 2009 October 2009 The Back Page, The Return of February 2010 It's good, but the Gnomes were expecting the Full Monty (see Feb 2004) May 2010 Back Page Special October 2010 The Deverells of Aston Abbotts January 2011 Aston Abbotts Village Plan April 2011 Tributes to Vic Scott and Ivy Brandon July 2011 Vic Scott’s Diary extracts July 2012 Jubilee Picnic July 2012 Bell Ringing November 2012 The Forgotten Anniversary - First-hand account of the Cuban Crisis July 2013 John Hardcastle Steps Aside as Editor February 2014 Village Hall Lease Granted October 2014 Village Hall Supplement April 2015 Launch of Aston Abbotts Postbox May 2015 The Higgs Family September 2015 The Putnams (see November 2017 for Part 2) January 2016 Christmas Morning 1959 September 2016 Aston Abbotts Timeline from 1900 June 2017 Village Hall Re-opening September 2017 The 630 Club Story November 2017 The Putnams Part 2 (Part 1 in September 2015) April 2018 The Royal Oak - What's in a name April 2018 Gordon Kemp - an appreciation February 2019 Royal Oak up for sale July 2019 London's Third Airport - 50 years on September 2019 35 years of the 630 Club October 2019 Best Kept Village Ceremony February 2020 Colin Higgs included in New Year's Honours List February 2020 Andy Bystra's Spitfire flight March 2020 Astonbury Revisited April 2020 Lockdown Imminent November 2020 The Soldier Lads of Aston Abbotts December 2020 Colin Higgs Receives BEM February 2021 'The Hole' Part 1 (sequel to 'Megga Pong', July 2002) September 2021 Readers' response to closing of the Royal Oak
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