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PHOTOS - 630 Club Bean Competition 2011
630 cllub bean competition
The 2011 630 Club Runner Bean Competition took place on 10th September and culminated with the presentation of the Ray Wilkinson memorial trophy for the longest bean. A full reports appears in the October edition of The Chronicle These are the pictures to accompany the article.
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The Ray Wilkinson Memorial Trophy Lol's especially packaged entry is full of promise... ... but is it really a bean? Judges Andy Shillingford and Major Tim Peacocke display the winning entry in the 'Best Cheat' category Adjudicator Harry watches closely as the judges earnestly go about their business This ones not very stiff Contestants are excluded from the judging room, but some sneak a look The best three beans are selected Lol's entry in the 'Longest Bean' category is again full of promise... ...but once again Lol fails to measure up... Royal Oak landlady Teri Moult makes sure the judges stick to their task This 'longest bean' entry is just 5 inches! Somebody nees to read the rules again! "I think we have a contender..." The winning entry measures up at a whopping 18 and one eighth inches! Major Tim Peacocke and Andy Shillingford prepare to announce the winners Best cheat winner : James Perkins Best three straight beans winner : Simon Guy and Mike Bush Drum roll... "And the winner of the Longest Bean is..." Tony Hinds wins The Longest Bean with his whopper of over 18 inches To the victor the spoils!
Winners Best Cheat : James Perkins Best Three Beans : Simon Guy and Mike Bush The Longest Bean : Tony Hinds. (Tony gets to keep the Ray Wilkinson Memorial Trophy for 12 months)