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As Aston Abbotts struggled with the novelty and boredom of the Great Covid Lockdown of 2021, an event occurred that captured and enthralled the residents. A small but rapidly expanding sink-hole opened up on The Green and for two months villagers were treated to the typically British sight of observing various groups of workmen leaning on their tools and staring into the ever growing void. Trevor Hall, who lived in the house closest to the Hole which was most at risk of disappearing into the depths, kept the villagers entertained and enthralled with a highly amusing and never ending commentary on the often unsuccessful and seemingly increasingly desperate attempts to plug the chasm. These musings were published via the Aston Abbotts Postbox and summarised in the monthly Chronicle magazine and were very popular and much appreciated by residents. After the dust (and smell) had settled, Trevor collected his writings into a book called ‘The Origin Of Faeces’. This book can be read by clicking on its cover on the right hand side of this page (it requires Adobe Acrobat and will open in a new tab or window). Trevor then put it on JustGiving (which raised £450 for Comic Relief) and it made the Bucks Herald: comedy-about-72-day-sinkhole-repair-3173647
History - The Aston Abbotts Sinkhole
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